Title IX Office About

The Title IX Office provides assistance in resolving and investigating complaints of sexual harassment, sex discrimination, and sexual violence (sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking). Additionally, we provide education and training to raise awareness and expand understanding of sexual harassment and sexual violence. The Title IX Office serves the entire UC Santa Cruz community. 

Contact the Title IX Officer, Tracey Tsugawa  ttsugawa@ucsc.edu, (831)459-2462 to report a possible Title IX violation.

Title IX Staff
Principal Investigators/Complaint Resolution Officers
Isabel Dees
Ray Lader
Ann Bartkowski
Response Team Coordinator
Laura Young Hinck

Title IX Office Reporting

All UC employees, that are not confidential (CARE, CAPS, and the EAP), are required to report sexual harassment and sexual violence to the Title IX Office if a student reports to them. Faculty, Deans, and Supervisors are additionally required to report sexual harassment and sexual violence reported by faculty and staff.

To make a Title IX report, for questions about reporting responsibilitiesand questions about the UC Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Policy and the UC Santa Cruz Title IX Procedures contact:

Tracey Tsugawa
Title IX Officer

The Title IX Office encourages staff and faculty to disclose their reporting obligations prior to receiving a report whenever possible and to promote awareness of confidential resources. Additionally, we can provide posters and suggest disclosure statements that can assist in promoting awareness of reporting responsibilities and confidential resources.

The Title IX Office's primary concern is creating safety and connecting complainants to resources. If the Title IX Office receives a report from a third party, we will send an email to the complainant to ensure that he/she/they is aware of resources, support, and safety measures that are available to them.  The complainant is under no obligation to respond to Title IX. 

Generally, the Title IX Officer will honor the request of the complainant when deciding whether to initiate a formal investigation. In some situations, the Title IX Officer may deem that an investigation is necessary to mitigate a risk to the campus community. In such cases, the complainant can choose whether or not to participate in the investigative process.

Title IX Training

All students, staff, and faculty are required to complete Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment (SVSH) Prevention Training. The key concepts are the same for all audiences but the curriculum is tailored to what each audience needs to know. For example, faculty, supervisors, and staff will receive  training on their responsibilities to report sexual violence to the Title IX Office as well as how to support students affected by sexual harassment and sexual violence. 

  • Students: All incoming students, including graduate and undergraduate students, are required by UC Policy to complete online and in person education and training programs within the first six weeks of class. Online trainings are assigned to students through their UCSC emails. Failure to complete the training may result in enrollment holds. All continuing students are required to complete ongoing education and training annually. Continuing students will either be notified of their requirement to complete the online student training or the training for non supervisory staff through their student email. The SVSH prevention training for staff includes information about the reporting responsibilities of all UC employees that is not included in the student training. The training that is assigned to continuing students will depend on their employment status at the time of assignment. If a student is hired into a position after completing the student training, they will be required to complete the staff training upon hire and yearly thereafter as long as they are employed. 

    If you are a survivor of sexual violence and would like an alternate training option please contact lyounghi@ucsc.edu. For more information on the sexual violence and sexual harassment prevention trainings for students at UC Santa Cruz, please contact Laura Young-Hinck, Response Team Coordinator, Title IX Office, 831-459-1666lyounghi@ucsc.edu.

  • Faculty, Supervisors, Deans, and Managers are required by law and policy to complete a 2-hour sexual harassment prevention training. The UC Learning Center provides the online training which  includes information about preventing and addressing sexual violence.To locate your training, login to the UC Learning Center and enter your username and gold password. The training. If you have trouble logging in contact: learningcenter@ucsc.edu. The Title IX Office also offers in person options in the fall and spring. If you are interested in an in person training option, please contact lyounghi@ucsc.edu
  • All other non-supervisory staff are required by UC policy to complete a 1-hour SVSH Prevention training. These trainings are being offered online to all UC staff. To locate your training, login to the UC Learning Center and enter your username and gold password. If you have trouble logging in contact: learningcenter@ucsc.edu. Survivors of sexual violence may contact lyounghi@ucsc.edu for an alternate training if they feel that the content of the non-supervisory training will be triggering.